Future Planning: Thunderbird as a Web App

Matt Harris unicorn.consulting at gmail.com
Sun Sep 20 00:18:45 UTC 2015

On 19/09/2015 4:11 AM, Kent James wrote:
> I'm all in favor of addons as a way to manage complexity. It's great 
> for me to hear that Hello wants to ship as an addon, as to me that 
> means that Firefox will continue to think carefully of issues 
> associated with using complex addons. But it is a good time to remind 
> ourselves of that strategy. There are many pieces of Thunderbird that 
> I would prefer to break out as shipped addons (such as junk mail 
> processing, or LDAP, or account migration) only because they are major 
> pieces of code only used by a minority that can complicate the UI and 
> code for the majority.

I am only in favor of Add-0ns if we develop a better configuration 
process.  I am thinking here of something like the V3 migration wizard 
that can be run over and over, suggesting perhaps the 10 most used 
features and ending in AMO searches. Our users are not skilled.  They 
often lack basic skills like being able to right click without 
instruction. We still see people who do not 'get' tabs.   KISS applies 
more now than ever. The general populace see no reason they need to 
learn anything to use everything.


“Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain.” /― Friedrich 
von Schiller, Die Jungfrau von Orleans /
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