Future Planning: Thunderbird as a Web App

Mark Banner mbanner at mozilla.com
Fri Sep 18 12:55:38 UTC 2015

On 18/09/2015 13:04, Gervase Markham wrote:
> To put it another way: Thunderbird seems to spend a lot of time and 
> energy keeping up with the changes in mozilla-central. What value does 
> it get in exchange for that?
Here's my opinion, in no particular order, probably very incomplete:

  * A reasonable HTML parser & display
      o which also provides the options to integrate more things into
        Thunderbird, like web pages e.g. what's new, or other things
        that add-on gives
  * Lower level protocol handling, certificates
  * Security with the content vs chrome display of emails
  * File handling routines (including download)
  * Database handling (for the places we use sqlite)
  * Content type handling
  * General layout of the UI
  * Crash reporting
  * Telemetry
  * Metrics
  * Installers (windows)
  * Update handling
  * Connection handling, e.g. proxies, offline etc
  * Add-ons
  * Accessibility harnesses
  * L10n
  * Internationalization
  * spell checking
  * Graphics handling
  * Test harnesses
  * Developer tools
  * Profile management
  * Various widgets & things such as autocomplete
  * Regular security updates and fixes to all of the above.

I'll grant that there's nothing that couldn't be replaced, but there's 
quite a lot of core functionality there that you need in an application 
before you can start building out what it does.


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