Future Planning: Thunderbird as a Web App

Volker Birk vb at pep-project.org
Fri Sep 18 08:46:29 UTC 2015


I'm disappointed about how the discussion is going. In my new:

1) Thunderbird has to continue for sure

For p≡p Thunderbird is a strategic platform. We offered – and are still
offering – the following:

a) We finance the project. We were asking Thunderbird council for their
   view, and offered the budget we were told is needed. We are still
   willing to do that.

b) We offer the needed infrastructure. We offer a complete replacement
   here if needed.

c) We offer missing development resources. If it is needed, we will fork
   XULRunner, and put the needed resources on it.

2) Moving Thunderbird to a web app will shut down Thunderbird project

a) There is already gaia. I cannot see why a second web app will help
   here. It would be way more clever to port gaia to Firefox than to
   make Thunderbird a web app.

b) Web apps may be an idea for mobile, but on the desktop for the user
   an email web app is indistinguishable from a web mailer. This way
   Thunderbird users will probably be converted to web mailer users, and
   Thunderbird will fade out until it's gone.

3) Why Thunderbird is vital and inevitable for crypto community

Thunderbird is the No. 1 email client for OpenPGP users. Credit goes
here to Enigmail project.

Crypto implementations ONLY can go from locally running software to
locally running software. Crypto implementations must not be server
based in any way, but have to be peer-to-peer only. Only then we have
end-to-end cryptography, only then we have security offered by crypto at
all, and not a simulation of security instead.

Because of these reasons, p≡p is offering to carry Thunderbird project
if Mozilla does not want to do so any more.  Because Thunderbird is
vital to crypto community, p≡p will keep the Thunderbird application up
and running either way.

Volker Birk, p≡p project
mailto:vb at pep-project.org  http://www.pep-project.org
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