Future Planning: Thunderbird as a Web App

Sean M. Pappalardo spappalardo at renegadetech.com
Thu Sep 17 22:20:30 UTC 2015


The direction you outline makes sense to me and opens up some 
interesting possibilities. I just have a few questions.

As a "web app," will Thunderbird still look and feel like a desktop one 
on desktop OSs? Will there need to be a hidden Web server process in the 
background? How much of a speed penalty will there be with JS vs C++ code?

Will it be easier (even trivial, dare I say) to build Thunderbird as a 
native iOS and Android app once it's a Web app?

Would it be possible to run Thunderbird as a cloud app too? I.e. the 
back-end on a Web server and front end usable by any modern browser? 
(Much like SOGo's Web interface: http://www.sogo.nu/tour/screenshots.html)

If this is the direction things go, how will that affect my desire to 
add full LDAP editing? Should I wait until the application core is 
changed over first? Or will rewriting the Address Book module be part of 
the code conversion?

Thanks for your time.

Sean M. Pappalardo
Sr. Networks Engineer
Renegade Technologies
spappalardo at renegadetech.com
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