The Case for Thunderbird in Mozilla

Mihovil Stanić mihovil at
Wed Sep 16 18:12:29 UTC 2015

I don't think Mozilla did cancel support for TB because it doesn't go
along with Mozilla manifesto. They just didn't want to spend any more
money on it since Google deal was about to expire and they wanted all
aboard for Firefox and Firefox OS for which they planned to be next
cash cow.

And that's all ok from business point of view, but not from volunteer
foundation point of view.

But I didn't expect they will block setting up Thunderbird as self
governing entity inside of outside of Mozilla for this long.

They really lost much of their value in my eyes and I'm only sticking
around as volunteer because I want to help Thunderbird community.
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That should really make anybody with an open mind question 

their assumptions about what is and is not important to the internet.


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