The Case for Thunderbird in Mozilla

Sean M. Pappalardo spappalardo at
Tue Sep 15 22:53:57 UTC 2015

On 09/15/2015 01:30 PM, R Kent James wrote:
> What I would appreciate at this point are comments on what are the
> reasons that Mozilla should accept Thunderbird as an official project,
> presumably under the Mozilla Foundation, that provides us with the
> structure that we need to succeed. Please help me make The Case for
> Thunderbird in Mozilla.

Echoing much of what's in the blog post someone linked to earlier, the 
reasons I would pitch to Mozilla:

- Thunderbird is also about a free and open Internet (not just Web) with 
user privacy, choice and control as core values, so already aligned with 
Mozilla's reason for existence
- The already-existing related branding can only help both products gain 
market awareness
- The shared Gecko and extension frameworks allow more eyes on Firefox's 
mission-critical code
- Collaboration features Thunderbird + Lightning already has (and will 
have in the future with a new CardDAV-enabled address book) are 
essential for FirefoxOS to meet users' current needs (to compete with 
iOS,) and the combination of the two would put it in Blackberry feature 
territory. No sense reinventing those particular wheels. (Imagine the PR 
value of overtaking Blackberry (and Android for non-Google services) as 
the OS of choice for business-class mobile devices. Imagine cutting a 
deal with Blackberry to supply the OS for their already world-class 
hardware. FFOS needs Thunderbird packed in to have a shot at that.)
- Once that integration is done, then new features will simultaneously 
benefit desktop and FFOS mobile users, something no vendor other than 
Microsoft can offer (and that's assuming Win10 gets installed 
everywhere,) and they're still in early stages too. Mozilla has a real 
shot at cracking this before Microsoft does IF it builds on the 
already-done and well-proven work Thunderbird brings to the table.

I wonder how these last two will grab them? :)

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