My upcoming meeting with Postbox

Axel Grude axel.grude at
Tue Sep 15 22:39:15 UTC 2015

Dear Kent,

as an addon author I would love if they would be a little more proactive in answering 
emails from us. I had major 2 updates for my Addons smartTemplate4 and quickFilters 
some weeks ago and I know they need a manual intervention to update their push 
mechanism (I am also planning an update for QuickFolders soon). I usually try to 
notify them at "addons at" and copy Seth Spitzer from development (not 
even sure if he still work in development?).

Also some user statistics would be very nice.

It is a considerable effort to keep the codebase in sync between Tb, SeaMonkey and 
Postbox and I would love to know whether it is worth the effort. As it stands I have 
no idea what percentage of my users have Postbox.

Secondly I would like to know whether they intend to move forward to EcmaScript 6 / or 
intend to switch to a higher Gecko platform (AFAIK they are still stuck at 9.0). Just 
to know would be good - in the meantime I am writing some Shim code to avoid too many 
warnings from the more modern Thunderbird JS. It would just be nice to know.

Thirdly I would be interested in implementing a search into their filter dialog (like 
we did in Thunderbird), but it is a little much for one man alone especially seeing 
that they have a different tree implementation. Are they planning to get closer to the 
c-c codebase or are they just going to leave it as is?


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> *Subject:* My upcoming meeting with Postbox
> *To:* Tb-planning
> *From: *R Kent James
> *Sent: *Tuesday, 15/09/2015 22:50:06 22:50 GMT ST +0100 [Week 37]
> On Monday of next week, I'm going to be having a meeting with Sherman Dickson of 
> Postbox to see if there is any way that we could work better together. There is no 
> set agenda or underlying plan here, it's just that it is always a pity when there is 
> a fork, and duplicated effort. We should at least talk.
> Two years ago I thought Postbox was dead, but they came out with a new version 
> recently, hiring a small army of contractors to make it happen. So they seem to be a 
> viable, parallel effort. If we could figure out ways to work together, making our 
> code base more similar so that we could share more, we could both win.
> Any words of wisdom for issues worth discussing with Postbox would be appreciated, 
> sent either publicly or privately.
> (From Thursday of this week through Sunday I will be mostly offline, with occasional 
> checkins from an internet cafe, so don't expect robust responses from me).
> :rkent
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