My upcoming meeting with Postbox

R Kent James kent at
Tue Sep 15 21:50:06 UTC 2015

On Monday of next week, I'm going to be having a meeting with Sherman 
Dickson of Postbox to see if there is any way that we could work better 
together. There is no set agenda or underlying plan here, it's just that 
it is always a pity when there is a fork, and duplicated effort. We 
should at least talk.

Two years ago I thought Postbox was dead, but they came out with a new 
version recently, hiring a small army of contractors to make it happen. 
So they seem to be a viable, parallel effort. If we could figure out 
ways to work together, making our code base more similar so that we 
could share more, we could both win.

Any words of wisdom for issues worth discussing with Postbox would be 
appreciated, sent either publicly or privately.

(From Thursday of this week through Sunday I will be mostly offline, 
with occasional checkins from an internet cafe, so don't expect robust 
responses from me).


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