Re: Thunderbird and end-to-end email encryption – summary of responses and proposed policy

R Kent James kent at
Tue Sep 1 16:54:49 UTC 2015

On 9/1/2015 7:46 AM, Robert Kaiser wrote:
> R Kent James schrieb:
>> 1.    We should investigate including Enigmail as a shipped addon in
>> future versions of Thunderbird.
> I think it would be good to even go a step further and integrate what 
> Enigmail does fully into default Thunderbird.

Shipping major features as addons is a way of controlling complexity and 
bloat, so as a general rule I am reluctant to support the idea that it 
is better to merge things only used by a minority as "fully into 
default". It also allows the addons to maintain their integrity for use 
with other related email clients, such as SeaMonkey and Postbox. That 
doesn't mean that we couldn't add some code to core that recognizes 
addresses as PGP-enabled, and points to Enigmail somehow.

I've been overall quite pleased with the Lightning integration. I'm also 
happy to see that the Firefox Go Faster initiative is moving in the same 
direction, to "Ship features as system add-ons". Let's start using that 
terminology of "system add-on" and accept that these addons are 
first-class parts of the core code.


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