Re: Thunderbird and end-to-end email encryption – summary of responses and proposed policy

Axel Grude axel.grude at
Tue Sep 1 13:03:22 UTC 2015

> Certainly promoting Enigmail more is a no-brainer.  It already exists, and
> it's already popular.  Making it easier for people to set up and use is
> the lowest hanging fruit of all.

EnigMail team, if you want some help with UI design feel free to get in touch. Making
it easier for users is one of the main drivers  for my own Addon development.
Currently I am using XUL for this, but I am open to change once technologies become
available. One problem with enigmail is that I perceived it as complicated and bulky
(and there are extremely few people in my address book who are able to use PGP) so it
has stayed mostly disabled for a long time. If we can minimized the interface for when
it is _not_ used this would be a win.

- fully transparent html support would be great. (haven't tested it, maybe it does it
- as I am writing this I see that it generates its own toolbar in Composer instead of
extending the existing one, also the labels look disjointed. My experience is that a
lot of users usually initially reject extra UI elements that do not have an obvious
benefit to them. As it stands, my current composer setup only has 50% space for the
actual composition part of the mail, the rest is taken up by menus and additional

Vertical Elements on window:
1 - Menu
2 - Toolbar
3 - Enigmail Toolbar
4 - Address Widget (I know it is bigger than usual due to Stationery configuration) -
this one should probably be collapsible in some way, similar to compactheader.
5 - target folder for "copy sent 2 current"; I don't use the Sent folder anymore. The
target box isn't exactly necessary as I usually answer emails "In place" from folder /
in folder
6 - HTML composer tools
7 - WYSIWYG / html toggle (by Stationery). that one is essential.

the items marked in red could be left out or somehow folded away to gain vertical
space; address widget needs to be less wasteful of space by creating a collapsing
option (while showing main recipient & list of attachments)


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