Handling off comm-* repository merges

Mark Banner mbanner at mozilla.com
Mon Oct 26 11:48:42 UTC 2015

Hi folks,

I've currently been doing comm-* repository merges for the last few 
years, and I'd like to hand them off to other people now. Hence, I'm 
looking for volunteers, so you know what you're signing up for, here's a 
few pointers:

  * Merges happen once every six weeks on merge day
    <https://wiki.mozilla.org/RapidRelease/Calendar>. Generally these
    happen in the morning pacific time.
  * We have scripts (and some older documentation) to automatically
    merge the repositories. Only a quick visual check of the results is
  * Only one person is needed to do the merges on a particular day, but
    having multiple people who can do it would obviously be better if
    someone is away.
  * I think its probably a requirement that you're already familiar with
    pushing to comm-*, level 3 access is definitely required.
  * You'll need to have treestatus access to be able to close & open the
  * You probably don't have bandwidth limits on your connection (the
    current scripts perform fresh clones each time to ensure a clean merge)

I'd like to transition to at least one person starting next week - 2nd 
Nov. I should be around for the December one as well if there's any 
follow-up questions, but generally I'd like to move away from doing 
these now.

If you want to help out with these, please let me know. If there's more 
than one, we'll look at getting a couple of you up to speed, and then 
you can arrange it amongst yourselves.


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