Business models for Thunderbird

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Thu Oct 22 15:17:58 UTC 2015

On Thu, Oct 22, 2015 at 10:43 AM, Mark Rousell
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> Apologies for asking a silly question but who would be paying who in
> this model? If I understand correctly it would go like this:
> 1) TB advertises a bundled set of value added services. (As an aside,
> $50/year seems a little cheap to me for that particular bundle).
> 2) TB users can choose from a number of resellers based upon
> location/language.
> 3) Resellers sell bundled service purchased from... whom? TB or back end
> service provider?
> 4) TB either gets affiliate fee for signing up a reseller to the back
> end service provider or is rewarded in some other way? Do resellers pay
> to be listed by TB?
> 5) First line customer support is provided by the reseller?
> 6) Presumably resellers are not white label. Or do you envisage this to
> be a brandable service?

Some info about the way DNS registrars work that may not be commonly
known. Most registrars are not actually technology companies, they are
marketing and customer service organizations. Most of what they offer
is actually contracted out to specialists.

Branding is always going to go with whoever does the customer service.

The way I would see it eventually working at TB would be similar to
the way Google AdWords work. TB takes bids for placement of the adds
on the startup splashscreen. The more you pay, the better your
placement. To increase value to the advertisers, TB allows targeting
by language and/or geographic region.

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