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jsabash jsabash at bellatlantic.net
Wed Oct 21 01:14:38 UTC 2015


"Investigated Github atom/electron as a development environment for a 
post-Gecko Thunderbird.
It would be really good to have some partners in long-term work for 
Gecko Thunderbird is dying, is there any debate about that?"

I'm sorry Kent, I just can't make it to the meetings.
They are just at my transit time after work.

I would like a little clarification on this statement.
Gecko to me is the basic rendering engine of a browser or Mail App

Maybe you were referring to the Dev-environement, and not the basic 
Achieving "Browser" class rendering of email is very important to some 

So if we deviate from Mozilla on the Development infra
My hope is we never become a 2nd class HTML/CSS message renderer.

Anyhow, Grand plans and hopes and schemes have been dashed before
But there has always been a resurgence ala the Phoenix
Also a legendary bird.

*JoeS ... * *"Get a Gecko"
TB Release Vers 
<https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/31.0/releasenotes/> TB Trunk 
SeaMonkey <http://www.seamonkey-project.org/releases/seamonkey2.26/>
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