Thunderbird Standards Involvement (Was: ICANN Dublin meeting - can you attend?)

Patrick Cloke patrick at
Thu Oct 8 16:13:34 UTC 2015

On 10/6/15 8:06 PM, R. Kent James wrote:
> One of the goals that I have for Thunderbird is to be more engaged
> with open and public internet standards. That would include not only
> email protocols such as IMAP, but also related standards such as the
> domain name system that ICANN represents. It we are going to take
> seriously the role of being a promoter of open standards, then we need
> to be engaged with the communities that develop those standards. ICANN
> is one of those.
> :rkent
This caught my eye a bit and I was wondering if there's a list of bodies
we *are* involved in. Off the top of my head:

* I think Joshua has offered opinions on a variety of mailing lists.
* There was work with Google by Kent/Joshua about the OAuth implementation.
* There's been some work with the JMAP standardization via FastMail.
* Philipp has written a couple RFCs [1] for calendar.
* Patrick (me) has participated in IRCv3 [2] and plans to write a spec.

I'd invite anyone else working with standards body to let us know! (Or
to expand/correct upon my minor bullet points above. Sorry if I
misattributed any work!)

FWIW I agree with Kent that pushing open and interoperable standards for
communication should be something that the Thunderbird community strives


[1] At least RFC 7095: " jCard: The JSON Format for vCard"
( and RFC 7265: "jCal: The JSON
Format for iCalendar" (
[2] "We're a group of IRC client and server software authors working to
enhance, improve, maintain and standardize the current IRC protocol."
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