ICANN Dublin meeting - can you attend?

Jothan Frakes jothan at jothan.com
Thu Oct 8 06:37:16 UTC 2015

Hi folks-

Glad to serve and to support the cause, and thank you to all of you for
your ongoing development of Thunderbird!

If anyone plans to be in Dublin for the ICANN, PM me and I'll make sure to
meet with you and help you get sorted - these are fairly confusing for the
first 4-5 meetings and I can get your mouse through the maze right to the
cheese, so to speak.

The main session to watch as it relates to TB is on Sunday 18th of October,
and it is scheduled at 13:00-14:00 local Dublin time.  There is a session
on the agenda that is for the whole day which should be updated at some
point in the days between now and Sunday the 18th with information on
remote participation.  It incorrectly says there is not Remote
Participation available, but this should be corrected soon.

Don Hollander from ICANN (he leads the Universal Acceptance work there)
forwarded this as being perhaps the most germaine to the TB -ers:

>> The relevant session on the Sunday is:



Edmon Chung – Moderator

·       The Problem (Brent London)

·       Approaches (Brent London, CNNIC)

·       Demonstration (Recorded demonstration of interoperability in action
or otherwise)

·       Outreach – Apple, Yahoo (Brent London)

60 min

https://meetings.icann.org/en/dublin54/schedule/sun-uasg is the URL to the
day long event.  Details should be posted soon (I leave that ambiguous
because I am not in control of when, but it should be in advance of the

If any of you do attend, or you want me to attend some of these with a
Thunderbird hat on I can do it and report back.  I'll be there anyway.


In service,

Jothan Frakes
Tel: +1.206-355-0230

On Tue, Oct 6, 2015 at 5:06 PM, R. Kent James <rkent at caspia.com> wrote:

> Jothan Frakes has has kindly offered to introduce people involved with
> Thunderbird to the complexities of ICANN at an upcoming meeting in Dublin,
> Ireland October 18-22, 2015. I realize this is fairly short notice, but if
> anyone is free and interested, you might contact Jothan to get together on
> this. At this meeting "there are sessions on email and domain names called
> Universal Acceptance that might be quite interesting".
> One of the goals that I have for Thunderbird is to be more engaged with
> open and public internet standards. That would include not only email
> protocols such as IMAP, but also related standards such as the domain name
> system that ICANN represents. It we are going to take seriously the role of
> being a promoter of open standards, then we need to be engaged with the
> communities that develop those standards. ICANN is one of those.
> So if you are actively involved with Thunderbird, please consider taking
> Jothan up on his offer.
> :rkent
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> Hi-
> I am on the tb-planning list at Gerv Markham's suggestion and wanted to
> see if anyone from our dev group will be attending the upcoming ICANN
> meeting in Dublin Ireland.
> I have been involved with ICANN for a very long time and it can be
> absolutely challenging to engage for someone coming in to it for the first
> time - but for any of the TB developers who had an interest, there are
> sessions on email and domain names called Universal Acceptance that might
> be quite interesting.
> I am glad to help folks find their way and mentor them through the
> complexities of ICANN if they happen to be interested to attend the
> meeting.  There is no cost of admission.
> https://dublin54.icann.org/en/ is the URL to learn more.
> Jothan Frakes
> Tel: +1.206-355-0230
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