Mozilla Infrastructure used by Thunderbird

Pascal Chevrel pascal.chevrel at
Wed Nov 18 17:52:35 UTC 2015

Le 18/11/2015 18:22, R Kent James a écrit :
> Many people have asked me for my list of Mozilla infrastructure items
> that we depend on as part of Thunderbird operations. Here's a list of
> items that I came up with while sponsoring my prison class last week.
> Probably not complete, if I am missing something please suggest additions:
> (Mercurial) plus related hg addons at versiontools
> (
> website ("Bedrock" Django installation)

FYI, translations are stored in a separate repository from bedrock code,
that means that we deploy translations whenever we want and actually way
more often than we deploy Bedrock (like, one push every two days for
Bedrock and maybe 3 pushes a day to production for translations, we can
push whenever we want new translations actually). The translations live

For, we don't make any distinction between products and
therefore Thunderbird pages to translate on appear on
the same Web Dashboard as other tasks for products like Firefox, or
mozilla related content.

As long as you have people that can create Thunderbird content for (webdevs, content writers) and get approval to get their
patches reviewed (basically, that's Kohei ;) ). We can get that in your
localizers pipe and get it pushed to production just as we do for other
pages, the thing is that it is some work for l10n-drivers and we only do
that on the side, so the reactivity is a bit lower than for Firefox
content for example. That said, it's more a question of a few days of
delay to get content translated than weeks and we could totally accept
patches from Thunderbird contributors for our dashboards to speed things
up if needed.

> Localization sites and related volunteer management (of which I know
> little, but there is a lot there)

I maintain with other volunteers, mostly localizers, a translation
memory tool used by most of our translators, including Thunderbird

Thunderbird will remain a first class citizen there, note though that if
comm-central and mozilla-central get merged, we will need to update the
app code relatively significantly as we spider and index repositories
for strings and that may mean that the tool would not get updated data
for like a Transvision release cycle, we ship a new Transvision release
roughly every 8 weeks. But we do intend of course to keep on keeping
Thunderbird there, we might just not have time to update the app if it
happens in a very busy time of the year for other projects. Patches
welcome from the community to speed things up of course ;) I would add
that actually comm-central added complexity to Transvision, one single
repo would simplify the code and management for us, so as a long term
goal, merging the two repos is good news for us.

I terms of end-user support, many local communities have their own
support forums for Thunderbird and the French one is very active:



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