Mozilla Infrastructure used by Thunderbird

R Kent James kent at
Wed Nov 18 17:22:19 UTC 2015

Many people have asked me for my list of Mozilla infrastructure items 
that we depend on as part of Thunderbird operations. Here's a list of 
items that I came up with while sponsoring my prison class last week. 
Probably not complete, if I am missing something please suggest additions: (Mercurial) plus related hg addons at versiontools 
( website ("Bedrock" Django installation)

Web app to receive crash reports from Thunderbird to display crash stats (product documentation) (MediaWiki site)

Web app to receive telemetry reports from Thunderbird to display telemetry data

Security review and reporting (secure and related flags, 
staff security review, CVE reporting, security bounties)

Product update management (Balrog)

Product update CDN network. (distribution and storage of historical and development 

Localization sites and related volunteer management (of which I know 
little, but there is a lot there) as a site for addon discovery

addon distribution and update CDN

AMO editors and tools used by editors

mxr/dxr code source search.

website hosting release notes, and related site to administer release notes

Build: buildbot masters

Build: buildbot slaves (Amazon hosting of Windows and Linux slaves)

Build: buildbot slaves (in-house hosting of OSX slaves)

Build: Puppet management of buildslave configurations

Build: build and test status chat server

Dataviz analysis site for ADI analysis (blocklist pings to determine 
active daily users)

Hosting and management of plugin blocklist

Email configuration database site for information about staff and volunteers discussion (little used by 
Thunderbird) Thunderbird blog. This is a 
Wordpress installation used for official Mozilla blogs.

Identification management (Persona)

Identification management (LDAP, used for at least BMO and Mercurial issues) (Mailman installation, used for tb-planning, 
tb-council, tb-accounts lists) support site SUMO (etherpad for various status 
collaborations) (Bug management)

Application signing servers and related certificates

Anti-virus scanning of published applications and addons.

NSS certificate code and related management of root certificates & 
certificate revocation NNTP server blog distribution.

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