Toronto meetings October 27/28

Wayne Mery (Thunderbird QA) vseerror at
Sat Nov 14 15:46:05 UTC 2015

On October 27/28 Kent, Patrick and I ventured to Toronto (on our own 
dime) for meetings with various folks at the Mozilla offices.  Much was 
accomplished in just 1.5 business days. The following is a high level 

We met with David Bolter to get a better understanding of what 
accessibility is all about, and how to keep Thunderbird as a premier 
product choice for those with accessibility needs.  We will be sending 
out information about what needs to be done, particularly in terms of 
coding and code reviews.

We met with Blake Winton to discuss the add-ons world, including the 
future removal of XUL. The details deserve their own posting thread.

We met with key people on the releng team, rail (Rail Alliev) and catlee 
(Chris Atlee), in a wide ranging discussion of near term and future 
needs.  releng is the critical team that helps keep Thunderbird building 
and shipping, and is the one team in Mozilla Corporation with  an 
explicit mandate to support Thunderbird and they do a great job for us. 
  Patrick took great notes which I expect he will post.

Lastly, we (joined by Mike Conley) met with Mark Surman of the Mozilla 
Foundation and representatives of Pretty Easy Privacy (Foundation and 
Project), Berna Alp, Volker Birk, and Simon Witts. The discussion were 
very productive and encouraging.  We focused on the future of 
Thunderbird in terms of obtaining funding, determining a near-term legal 
home, and possible next steps for ... exploring future product 
architectures, ensuring long term funding, and assessing best fit 
organizational structure and long term legal home.  We are in the 
process of writing various memos of understanding so that the next 
discussions and legal decisions can occur amongst p≡p, the foundation, 
and Thunderbird.  When the details of those potential agreements are 
finalized and reviewed by the Council we will be in a position to make 
them public.

It would have been nice to meet with more of the great mozillians and 
teams in Toronto, especially those who impact Thunderbird, but we had 
limited time.  Hopefully this will occur in future visit.  Mozilla was a 
great host for us in Toronto. They welcome all volunteers.

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