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Tue Nov 3 02:14:03 UTC 2015

On 02/11/2015 20:16, Tanstaafl wrote:
> I tried to post a comment and/or register to suggest that maybe Mozilla
> should reconsider supporting Thunderbird if they are going to do this.
> This is really very very confusing to me.

It does seem rather odd that if they have all this money to invest then
they wouldn't want to start close to home, doesn't it.

But email clients are soooo last century nowadays, or so we are
apparently expected to think. :-(

Reading the 'Selection Criteria' at leads
me to think that Thunderbird would qualify very well on all except
perhaps one point:-


      Selection Criteria

These are a work in progress; further feedback is welcome on the MOSS
mailing list until November 8th. All criteria are indicative rather than
determinative - that is to say, they will make us more or less likely to
make an award, but none will guarantee a particular outcome.

  * How reliant is Mozilla on the project's technology?
  * Do others also rely on it outside of Mozilla products?
  * Is the technology unique? Are they doing something different?
  * What role does the project play in the open source ecosystem?
  * What sort of reputation does the project have in general, if any?
      o This includes reputation in technical, inclusion and other areas
      o Is the project known for something besides the code we are
        relying on?
  * Will this grant make a significant impact on the project?
  * Is the level of funding appropriate for the task to be accomplished?
  * Does the person (or group) who will receive the money have a track
    record of delivering?
  * What does the champion have to say? Is the case compelling?


Thunderbird would seem to qualify on all these points, except perhaps
the first one: "How reliant is Mozilla on the project's technology?".
How many people at Mozilla use Thunderbird?

Mark Rousell

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