Please try to confirm Bug 1156669 - Trash folder duplication while using IMAP with localized TB

Matt Harris at
Thu May 7 14:34:48 UTC 2015

On 5/05/2015 3:23 PM, R Kent James wrote:
> I would appreciate help trying to confirm this bug: *Bug 1156669* 
> <> -Trash folder 
> duplication while using IMAP with localized TB
> This is listed as a potential TB 38 blocker but is not yet even 
> confirmed.  The issue is that deletes to trash when using localized 
> folder names will result in two trash folders on the server, one Trash 
> and one localized.
I don't know about localised, but it comes up in support on occasion 
even with non localised versions.  Server uses Deleted Thunderbird uses 
Trash but that is not 38 specific.


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