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  am i right in that updating
with a list of ff38 features would be sufficient for now?


On 2015-04-24 11:13 AM, R Kent James wrote:
> It would be great if some of you could help out with Thunderbird 38 
> release activities related to the website and documentation.
> One specific need is documentation of new features. If you look at the 
> Thunderbird 38 release notes, 
> <> 
> there are a number of new items mentioned.
> If you look at the older What's New page for Thunderbird 24 
> <>, there was 
> "Ignore Message Threads" highlighted in What's New, with a link to an 
> article on  What would be great is if people could 
> write those support articles that we could use as links in a What's 
> New page. I doubt if we have the bandwidth for the fancy graphics in 
> What's New, but screenshots would be pretty easy in support pages.
> Yes I know you would like me to document maildir, OAuth, Send and 
> Archive filters, etc, but I pretty much have my hands full with 
> critical blocker bugs. A little help would be greatly appreciated here.
> Kent James
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