Thunderbird 38 release expectations

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Tue May 5 05:06:57 UTC 2015

I see you and team are doing great job on releasing next TB.
Thank you for it.

05.05.2015 u 06:56, R Kent James je napisao/la:
> Thunderbird 38.0 will not ship on the same date as Firefox 38.0 but 
> will likely be delayed a couple of weeks.
> We are approaching the originally scheduled date of the release of 
> Thunderbird 38, which would be May 12 following the standard Mozilla 
> release calendar. But there are still a number of regressions that we 
> are working on, and last week's beta was the first beta that was 
> feature complete. That means we will not be ready to ship according to 
> the original schedule. A current estimate of when we will ship 
> Thunderbird 38.0 is approximately May 26.
> Until we are ready to ship a finished Thunderbird 38.0, we will 
> continue to ship betas of Thunderbird 38 to the beta channel.
> We'll do a new beta of Thunderbird 38.0 this week. At this point 
> mozilla-esr38 has diverged from mozilla-release, and it is 
> mozilla-esr38 that is the correct channel for us to follow. So we will 
> do future betas of Thunderbird 38 from comm-esr38 and mozilla-esr38 
> (on branch THUNDERBIRD_38_VERBRANCH) unless there are unforeseen 
> technical issues.
> (Thunderbird 38.0 is a major release, that will be the successor to 
> Thunderbird 31 which is our current release).
> Kent James
> Chair, Thunderbird Council
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