Tracking flags for Thunderbird 38

R Kent James kent at
Tue May 5 05:22:44 UTC 2015

As we begin the transition into Thunderbird 38, here's how we will use 
the tracking flags.

tracking-thunderbird38 will be used for bugs that should block the 
release of Thunderbird 38.0  tracking-thunderbird_esr38 will be used for 
bugs that are important to get fixed in the Thunderbird 38 time frame, 
but are not going to block Thunderbird 38.0 (This is a change in that 
tracking-thunderbird38 has been bugs we are watching for 38.0 but have 
not been firm blockers.)

So far, there has been only minimal use of tracking-thunderbird_esr38.  
I'll start moving bugs that are not blocking 38.0 from 
tracking-thunderbird38 to tracking-thunderbird_esr38.

Releases are important, folks. Try this search 
on tracking-thunderbird38 to see what the critical issues are. Help out 
if you can.

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