Avocet branding - What do you think?

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Sun Mar 29 20:34:42 UTC 2015

Just 2 comments inline:
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> Frankly, I don't like much the idea of using bird names:
> 1. Most people outside the English-speaking countries have no idea what an avocet or 
> bunting is. They will not even recognize the terms as bird names.
> 2. How do you want to make people understand that a bunting is better/newer than an 
> avocet? You either need to have multiple releases in succession for people to 
> recognize that it is a numbering/naming system. Or you need to explain this system 
> to our users, again and again.
It is just a build name, I don't think this is better or worse. It is like OS 10 
Panther or whatever they are using or Android Icecream Sandwich
> 4. You wrote that you would use customized artwork to announce a release, but 
> Thunderbird in general would use the conventional branding.
>> From a branding/marketing viewpoint, this is not good. Create artwork 
> and stay with it. The most hardcore branding advocates will even dictate the 
> background color the artwork is placed on.
> Imagine we get some good online reviews for TB 38 with a black avocet. These reviews 
> stay up for years, and they will often show the artwork. When people go to download 
> TB, they will not see this artwork anymore but only the "conventional" one, or even 
> the next bird artwork. They will be confused.
Not sure if the artwork is going to replace but if this is a build name I would 
definitely say we keep the Thunderbird as a part.

e.g. Thunderbird Avocet, Thunderbird Bunting ... etc.


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