Avocet branding - What do you think?

Josiah Bruner josiah at programmer.net
Sun Mar 29 14:00:25 UTC 2015

I'd give it a 2.5 I guess. I don't really think using bird names is an 
effective way to solve point 1, and possibly point 2. I feel like after 
a while the version numbers will still become extremely confusing. For 
example, I could not tell you a single Ubuntu release code name, instead 
I just remember the version numbers. And I don't know, Thunderbird 38 
(Avocet) just seems unnecessary to me, and I would prefer we just fix 
our numbering system. (E.G. Use year numbers, Thunderbird 2015).

All that said, I wouldn't grow seriously irritated if we did use the 
names (as long as there still exists some numerical system), but I do 
have a stronger opposition to the logo, although that's not relevant to 
this thread.


On 3/28/15 7:44 PM, R Kent James wrote:
> I'm getting a bit of pushback to my previously announced plans to use 
> Avocet 
> <http://monacoeye.com/birds/index_files/recurvirostra_avosetta_pied_avocet_08.jpg> 
> and Bunting 
> <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Painted_Bunting_by_Dan_Pancamo.jpg> 
> as branding for Thunderbird releases 38 and 45. I'm curious - do I 
> have any support for this, or do you think it's a bad idea? I would 
> appreciate feedback, just reply with your attitude on a scale of 1-5 
> with 1 being "I hate it" and 5 being "I love it" (this is for the 
> branding names, not for the graphics below).
> Briefly, the reasoning behind switching from Thunderbird 
> 17/24/31/38/45 as major release branding to named versions using 
> alphabetical bird names is:
> 1) Those numbers are meaningless to anyone who is not a gecko geek. 
> They was never intended as branding, it just accidentally resulted 
> when we cut back our release schedule to only use esr versions. Even 
> Firefox is trying to change this now (though we need not follow 
> Firefox here). The existing release branding is terrible.
> 2) I want to counter the market sense that "Thunderbird is dead" with 
> a new message that we are alive and have an active community moving 
> forward. The last blog post 
> <https://blog.mozilla.org/thunderbird/2015/02/thunderbird-usage-continues-to-grow/> 
> was a first step, and generated a lot of discussion on the internet.  
> A named release helps with that message, "38" does not.
> 3) Why birds? Well we are a bird, and birds have interesting shapes 
> and coloration that make interesting graphics targets. As one concept 
> for how to use this, I asked Elio Qoshi to come up with a concept of a 
> modified logo that we could use when we are referring specifically to 
> our next release. This would not replace our current logo, only be 
> used where the release is being mentioned, such as blog posts, the 
> about dialog, and start page. Here it is (or see 
> https://mesquilla.net/Thunderbird38Avocet-v4.jpg if the inline image 
> fails)  Note that the Pied Avocet, which is the specific specie being 
> depicted here, has a distinctive black and white coloration 
> <http://monacoeye.com/birds/index_files/recurvirostra_avosetta_pied_avocet_08.jpg>:
> R Kent James
> P. S. If you really hate it, see 
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zb1qsVqjwg which was a major theme of 
> my grad school lab, "It's good though!"
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