Avocet branding - What do you think?

R Kent James kent at caspia.com
Sat Mar 28 23:44:19 UTC 2015

I'm getting a bit of pushback to my previously announced plans to use 
and Bunting 
as branding for Thunderbird releases 38 and 45. I'm curious - do I have 
any support for this, or do you think it's a bad idea? I would 
appreciate feedback, just reply with your attitude on a scale of 1-5 
with 1 being "I hate it" and 5 being "I love it" (this is for the 
branding names, not for the graphics below).

Briefly, the reasoning behind switching from Thunderbird 17/24/31/38/45 
as major release branding to named versions using alphabetical bird 
names is:

1) Those numbers are meaningless to anyone who is not a gecko geek. They 
was never intended as branding, it just accidentally resulted when we 
cut back our release schedule to only use esr versions. Even Firefox is 
trying to change this now (though we need not follow Firefox here). The 
existing release branding is terrible.

2) I want to counter the market sense that "Thunderbird is dead" with a 
new message that we are alive and have an active community moving 
forward. The last blog post 
was a first step, and generated a lot of discussion on the internet.  A 
named release helps with that message, "38" does not.

3) Why birds? Well we are a bird, and birds have interesting shapes and 
coloration that make interesting graphics targets. As one concept for 
how to use this, I asked Elio Qoshi to come up with a concept of a 
modified logo that we could use when we are referring specifically to 
our next release. This would not replace our current logo, only be used 
where the release is being mentioned, such as blog posts, the about 
dialog, and start page. Here it is (or see 
https://mesquilla.net/Thunderbird38Avocet-v4.jpg if the inline image 
fails)  Note that the Pied Avocet, which is the specific specie being 
depicted here, has a distinctive black and white coloration 

R Kent James

P. S. If you really hate it, see 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zb1qsVqjwg which was a major theme of 
my grad school lab, "It's good though!"

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