Meeting with Mitchell (was Re: Softmaker Office)

R Kent James kent at
Thu Mar 19 12:06:23 UTC 2015

I was able to secure earlier personal access to much of the ADI data for 
Thunderbird, along with permission to publish summaries of that data as 
appropriate. I blogged with some of those results earlier. That access 
is now ongoing, so I will continue to report on specific aspects of the 
data in the future, or can answer specific questions. Our friends in the 
SeaMonkey project helped us get that access.

In general, Mozilla is not setup to allow broad access to volunteers to 
corporate systems like ADI statistics. This is simply because it takes 
additional effort to provide isolation of roles, and it has not been a 
significant issue in the past. Generally we are in the process of slowly 
getting access to various roles within Mozilla that we need to run the 
Thunderbird project, but there is always some concern because these same 
tools typically give us the power to make mistakes that could have huge 
negative impacts on Firefox. For that reason they are cautious, and 
rightfully so. Access to specific roles is likely to be limited to a few 
people in most cases. It is not always the same people though, I only 
have personal access to a few of the critical roles. We are making slow 
progress on these permission issues, but overall satisfactory progress. 
We need less and less staff intervention to ship Thunderbird releases, 
for example.

So in short, permissions is an area that is proceeding adequately, and 
is not likely to be a subject of my conversation with Mitchell.


On 3/19/2015 3:42 AM, Tanstaafl wrote:
> Is getting access to the Thunderbird usage statistics on your list? ;)
> It would be very nice to be able to have something reasonably accurate
> that can be published.
> On 3/18/2015 2:29 PM, R Kent James <kent at> wrote:
>> Just as a followup, I did manage to make this connection, so that I now
>> have a meeting scheduled with Mitchell Baker on Friday in the Bay Area.
>> Kent James
>> Chair, Thunderbird Council.
>> On 3/17/2015 10:31 AM, R Kent James wrote:
>>> I've been trying to get Mozilla management to talk to me about some of
>>> these issues, so far without success. We need to discuss:
>>> 1) Access to information about existing Thunderbird business
>>> relationships,
>>> 2) Where and how we can collect and spend donations, and
>>> 3) How can we negotiate future business relationships, such as this
>>> SoftMaker arrangement.

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