Thunderbird 38 preparations

Wayne Mery wayne.mery at
Fri Mar 13 17:53:20 UTC 2015

We are quickly closing in on Thunderbird version 38.  Please help us prepare to make a great release!

A. All developers who submitted patches in the 32-38 development period ... very few FIXED bug have in-testsuite+ flag (363 not flagged, vs 22 flagged), which is concerning from a quality point of view because if your fix lacks automated test then QA may need to consider adding a manual test. (plus, everyone loves when we have automated tests)  So please help us by checking your bugs. Use the following bug queries ** today and over the next couple days :

   * where an automated test was not created but should be, please file
     a new bug for adding a test and mark it blocking the fixed bug

   * where the feature or patch should have a manual test (regardless
     of whether automated test exists) please add flag  in-moztrap?

   * add in-testsuite+ (or minus) if it was missed (minused meaning the
     assignee and reviewer agreed no test is warranted or possible)

   * add relnote keyword for important issues/features worthy of being
     announced to *users*

** queries :
    ordered by assignee, excludes build and test infrastructure bugs
  - no  in-testsuite- or + flag -- 363 bugs
  - has in-testsuite+/- flag    -- 22 bugs

B. All Thunderbird officianados - We anticipate doing the following betas (there may be more), with testing tentatively as indicated. Please consider helping improve Thunderbird's quality story by volunteering for testing when it is announced. If you are not able to test, a great way to help is just install the beta from and use it for an extended period of time - days, weeks, months - and file bug reports as needed.

37.0b1 - testing is completed and will be released shortly
37.0b2 - Full Feature Testing round 1 (FFT), Lightning packaging
38.0b1 - FFT round 2, Lightning packaging, addons
38.0b2 - polish testing, addons
38.0b3 - (becomes final release) polish testing, addons


1. 37.0b1/b2 are NOT feature complete, nor do they have all the stability fixes we expect to take, relative to version 38

2. 37 cycle is short, only 5 weeks!  38 cycle is the normal 6 weeks.

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