Bird names

Jörg Knobloch jorgk at
Wed Mar 11 08:35:31 UTC 2015

Hi all,

sadly my connection to Mozilla's servers was super slow during the 
biweekly meeting yesterday so I couldn't connect.
Now I've read in the minutes about the planned bird names: Avocet and 

As English is my second language - despite living in Australia for 16 
years - I've never heard of these birds.
Sure enough, avocet can be found by Google, bunting is a little harder, 
you need search for "bunting bird".

Since TB has a large international user base, for example in Germany and 
Japan, wouldn't it be better to use the names of some better known 
birds? I'm sure many English speakers understand the names of the OS X 
releases (Puma, Tiger, Lion) or the names of the Ubuntu releases 
( And also Android names are very easy 
to understand.

So why not use some better known, easier recognisable, bigger and 
stronger birds? TB 38 will be new and strong, so I'd say eagle or falcon 
or albatross might be more fitting. If we wanted a pun, we could use 
phoenix ;-)

Just an opinion ...

Jorg K.

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