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>> >> If only there was a way to specify styles as being lexically namespaced to a DIV - 
>> >> you could just wrap your email in a DIV, set styles on it, and use them inside to 
>> >> your heart's content, with simple short names or just style the existing semantic tags.
>> Isn't this what "scoped" <style> is for?
>> Despite of what the page indicates, I have also seen IE support <style> placed inside <body>, even without the "scoped" attribute.
>How reliable is support in arbitrary email clients?

Well, if even the big browsers do not support it reliably according to the page (and I even found a discussion about chromium wanting to drop the support), email clients using their own engines are probably completely out of luck. On the other hand, they are out of luck anyway, as any other advanced feature may break in them. Every such client only supports a subset of HTML (including Outlook if it still uses the old engine). In HTML TB has an advantage of having a full featured HTML core included.

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