The infamous Mozilla core editor

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that's literally the first time I heard about this. It would be good (accept it will 
still affect quoted material if you paste quotations, but that's probably not such a 
big problem)...


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> >> *Subject:* Re: The infamous Mozilla core editor
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> >> On Mon, Mar 9, 2015, at 09:04 PM, Axel Grude wrote:
> >> I think that CSS is generally a bad idea where your content is likely to be embedded
> >> somewhere else (webmail or even just a UI which uses HTML itself on a desktop).
> >> The problem with CSS can be spelled out in two words: global variables.  Styles are
> >> global variables, and even if you prefix them with something unique, anybody
> >> consuming your content is required to validate all your names to make sure they
> >> don't tread on not only anything in the surrounding code, but also any other
> >> messages which are being rendered in the same context. It's a horror.
> >well there is the child selector (>) so maybe this could be used to somewhat alleviate
> >this. But another problem is that if you quote and your style definitions happen to be
> >in an area you "snip out" you have the added problem of potentially losing your
> >styles. So Composer needs to keep track of these and move them around.
> >
> >> If only there was a way to specify styles as being lexically namespaced to a DIV -
> >> you could just wrap your email in a DIV, set styles on it, and use them inside to
> >> your heart's content, with simple short names or just style the existing semantic tags.
> Isn't this what "scoped" <style> is for?
> Despite of what the page indicates, I have also seen IE support <style> placed inside <body>, even without the "scoped" attribute.
> .

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