The infamous Mozilla core editor

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Dear Bron,

Of course I know these features all work via using <font> tags and other inline code, 
but the problem is if you want to define style (e.g. blue large headers) this is best 
implemented via CSS classes. One of the problems with CSS classes ist that they are in 
the global namespace which means that they may affect quotes material as well as 
follow on emails.

One of my users has defined his reply texts to be in blue, however this also now 
affects my replies to him to also show up in blue. SO this is not a trivial request.

on the other hand using font tags is not very efficient as you need to replicate your 
styles on each individual element / passage. The real trick is come up with a style / 
template strategy that is both robust (does not change its properties when quoted in 
another email) and easy to ise (such as predefined paragraph styles).

As regards building better frontend for CSS this is a relatively easy task that I want 
to look into in the future; however the "persistent paragraph styles surviving the 
global namespace" has to be solved first. Ideally the CSS should be scoped to one 
quote-level only (also, the bug about the encoded child selector ">" within style tags 
is still open).


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> *Subject:* Re: The infamous Mozilla core editor
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> On Fri, Mar 6, 2015, at 07:24 PM, Aceman wrote:
> > Is this actually a full featured editor with equivalent features to the code 
> editor? At 11KB in size of JS, it looks to me it mainly allows text formatting.
> > But what about images, tables, lists, indents?
>  *
>     _Lists and indents work fine._
>  *
>     Image inclusion works
> You can even
>  *
>     create indented
>     1.
>         lists
>     2.
>         with numbers
>     3.
>         and stuff
> I'm not so sure about tables though...
> Certainly changing fonts is/definitely/ supported.
> > (Am sure somebody would like CSS insertion, but I am not sure that is in the base 
> TB editor now).
> I would have to ask Neil about that.  It's pretty good about taking existing HTML 
> and keeping it working in quoted messages too.
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