The infamous Mozilla core editor

Magnus Melin mkmelin+mozilla at
Sat Mar 7 12:12:41 UTC 2015

On 07.03.2015 07:27, Jörg Knobloch wrote:
>> The right conversation to have, IMHO, is to find contributors who are 
>> willing to work on this code and help maintain it. 
> This is a very good idea. I think in order to go ahead with this, we 
> need to do the following:
> Identify the modules that require new contributors. One, the editor, 
> we already have. 

Which modules don't require new contributors? If it wasn't obvious for 
everybody on this list, Thunderbird (and Mozilla in general) welcomes 
any contributors. There's lots of ways to help:

  * submit patches
  * test nightly builds and report what's possibly broken, verify the 
things recently fixed actually works correctly. nightlies are here: 
  * help with bug triage (here's the bugs filed the last week - 
  * help in support forums
  * help with design


> For each module, identify a mentor who is willing to do the knowledge 
> transfer. We might find someone to do the work, but I think it's 
> wishful thinking to find someone who will first "reverse engineer" the 
> code and then do the work.

For the knowledge transfer is to occur you have to know what questions 
to ask, which is the tricky part.
I think people are generally happy to answer specific questions if they 
happen to know or it's quick for them to find out - but given the size 
of the codebase you are sometimes out of luck.


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