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On 3/6/2015 2:46 PM, Axel Grude wrote:
> To get Thunderbird to a UI which has easy pre-definable paragraph 
> styles (like the Ribbon in Word) is actually one of my goals for the 
> next 3 years, but I am too much of a luddite to attempt it by patching 
> Composer - I am an Add-ons guy. The problem is that I do not know how 
> risky any development in this direction would be as I do not know if 
> (and when) Thunderbird decides to scrap the current composer and 
> replace it with another editor; which would potentially invalidate any 
> work put into this from an Add-on perspective.

Low risk. The experience of the past several years (e.g., ensemble, 
Firefox Sync) have suggested that withholding implementation on the 
basis that "it will all be rewritten soon" is a good way to make sure it 
never gets done.

> It would be /absolutely fantastic /if the Tb-Planning team could 
> decide on a binding strategy for the way forward with Composer as all 
> we hear at the grass route level are rumors. There are a coupkle of 
> people who had written prototypes for other editors  (or intergration 
> work) but seemingly this never manifested. In the long term I believe 
> Thunderbird should build in (or License) its own Editor component 
> independant of whatever Mozilla / Firefox decides.

I don't recall any prototypes ever maturing to the point of a working 
compose fork/add-on. The closest any experiment ever got was 
compose-in-a-tab which, as its author confided, was "barely usable." 
What is lacking always has been resources.

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