The infamous Mozilla core editor

Ehsan Akhgari ehsan.akhgari at
Fri Mar 6 19:11:13 UTC 2015

On 2015-03-06 1:55 PM, Jörg Knobloch wrote:
> On 6/03/2015 16:16, Ehsan Akhgari wrote:
>> Because we have limited resources and those resources are working on
>> more important stuff?  We've had this discussion once on the bug.
> Yes, I understand the idea of priorities. What is more important gets
> done first. That however doesn't mean that less important stuff never
> gets done. That's the art of scheduling.

The reality is not as clear cut as this, unfortunately.

> I hope you will make good on your promise to supply a fix to bug 1100966
> as stated in comment #26:
> "I'll try to get to it."
> As a side-issue it would be good to know who sets the priorities, so one
> can negotiate with the right person. As you said in comment #28:
> "if you're not satisfied with the rate of bug fixes/etc, Bugzilla is not
> the right venue to discuss that."
> Surely the "TB Planning" mailing list *is* one of the possible forums,
> since this is about planning.

I don't know of a single person who would be the right person to 
negotiate with, but that's besides the point.  Unless we have people 
lined up to do the actual work (which we don't to the best of my 
knowledge) the editor code will remain in its current poorly maintained 
mode, and bugs that affect it (whether or not they affect Thunderbird in 
addition to Firefox) will be regarded as low priority.

The right conversation to have, IMHO, is to find contributors who are 
willing to work on this code and help maintain it.

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