Re: The infamous Mozilla core editor

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Fri Mar 6 08:24:52 UTC 2015

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> Komu: <tb-planning at>
> Dátum: 06.03.2015 01:48
> Predmet: Re: The infamous Mozilla core editor
>On Thu, Mar 5, 2015, at 07:01 PM, Bron Gondwana wrote:
>> Is this where I offer again that FastMail's editor is open source and you
>> are welcome to use it?
>> It's designed specifically for composing email.
>Also, it's tentatively our plan to use it for the Firefox OS Gaia email
>app's rich/HTML composition.

Is this actually a full featured editor with equivalent features to the code editor? At 11KB in size of JS, it looks to me it mainly allows text formatting.
But what about images, tables, lists, indents?
(Am sure somebody would like CSS insertion, but I am not sure that is in the base TB editor now).


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