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R Kent James kent at caspia.com
Wed Jun 17 14:48:24 UTC 2015

Computer support is like car repair, everyone needs it but sometimes 
things don't go well, and customers go away convinced that the repair 
people are crooks (and some probably are). I would not be surprised that 
Mozilla has had difficult experiences with this in the past. I am sure 
that it is enormously challenging to maintain a "feel good" brand name 
and offer support at the same time. Many users have unrealistic 
expectations about how much support costs.

But so many users are desperate. Any time I do a blog posting on the 
Thunderbird blog, lots of comments come in that are really support 
requests. There is a clear need, and I don't think that we should let 
the unfortunate fact that a minority of users will badmouth support 
deter us from pursuing what is in the best interest of a certain segment 
of our user population. A significant portion of our users are expecting 
a professional messaging application, and are willing to pay the costs 
of that.

I don't have any bandwidth at the moment to pursue this unfortunately.


On 6/17/2015 6:28 AM, Gervase Markham wrote:
> On 17/06/15 14:10, Philipp Kewisch wrote:
>> We could also contract the pilot out to an external company, with them
>> being the "Official Support Partner" and see how it goes. Of course
>> there are also some legal things to take care of, but this would save us
>> the need to bootstrap the whole support team.
> This precise thing was attempted by the Mozilla Foundation back in the
> early days. It lasted a couple of years, I think. Before trying it, you
> should find someone who was around at that time and involved in the
> program, and ask them how it went.
> Gerv
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