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Jayakumar Sadhasivam iamjayakumars at gmail.com
Wed Jun 17 05:23:18 UTC 2015

Hi Roland,
Its very serious issue.
How we can solve this issue.

My Questions are
-How he contacted the Mozilla ? via SUMO or anything else
-Who is that Menish, whether this fellow belongs to any tech/ support 
based company?
-Is it first time?

 From the above message, I noticed that,
-Menish accessed 3 times remotely and accessed the user data
-User paid $449.99


On 6/17/15 9:58 AM, Roland MoCoGmail Tanglao wrote:
> yes please gregg, please forward to mozilla legal
> i have also added tb-planning where the thunderbird council hangs out!
> cheers!
> ...Roland
> On 2015-06-16 7:58 PM, Gregg Lind wrote:
>> I am actually a little tempted to forward this particular on onto 
>> Legal.  Thoughts?
>> GL
>> On 6/16/15 8:04 PM, Karen Esterly wrote:
>>> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
>>> From: *Wes Holmes* <ready4rocks at cox.net <mailto:ready4rocks at cox.net>>
>>> Date: Tuesday, June 16, 2015
>>> Subject: Recent Experience
>>> To: wpr at mozilla.com <mailto:wpr at mozilla.com>
>>> Dear Sirs,
>>>    I am writing to you regarding a recent experience I had with your 
>>> tech support.  On May 12, 2015,  I was having a problem with not 
>>> being able to send an email.  I have a Cox email address, but it is 
>>> setup thru Mozilla Thunderbird.  I first contacted Cox 
>>> Communications.  They checked out my account and found everything to 
>>> working properly and recommended I contact Mozilla, which I then did.
>>> After explaining the problems I was having, I was transferred to 
>>> your tech person, Menish  (  with Tech Help Experts ) he asked if he 
>>> could go into my computer remotely.  I agreed. Three hours later, 
>>> and no closer to a solution,  I was told they would have to continue 
>>> diagnostics the following day.  I called them when I got home from 
>>> work and once again, Menish worked remotely thru my computer for 
>>> another three hours.  He told me there was a serious security breach 
>>> in my email account.
>>> He said there was evidence of someone looking into my email over 
>>> 1500 times.  I said that was the number of emails I currently had on 
>>> the account.  He said every time I went into my email, I was in 
>>> danger of all of my personal information being open to theft.  But, 
>>> I was not to worry because he recommended I purchase their two year 
>>> software protection plan and one year of tech support in the amount 
>>> of $449.99.  So I did.
>>>  He continued to work on my system and called me later and asked for 
>>> me to try to send an email to see if the problem was resolved.  I 
>>> was able to send it and the problem seemed to be fixed.
>>>   Several days later,  I was having the very same problem, of not 
>>> being able to send an email.  I called Tech Help Experts again. They 
>>> once again, went into my computer remotely,  for another 2.5 hours.  
>>> During this session, I realized that all but 102 of emails were 
>>> missing.  I went from 1563 emails, to 102.  I called Tech Help 
>>> Experts again and spoke with Floor Supervisor Ankit.  He said they 
>>> did not delete any of  my emails and there are 102 emails on the 
>>> account.  I have had this email account for many years and 
>>> everything older than April 29th, 2015 was gone.  My address book 
>>> contacts as well as my emails were missing.  He asked to go into my 
>>> computer to investigate.  At 7pm that evening, Menish said he had 
>>> contacted Cox Communications, and that they were having a security 
>>> issue and to give them 24 hours to rectify the problem.  That was on 
>>> May 19th.
>>>  On May 20th,  the next day, I still did not have my emails and 
>>> contacts replaced, and I was told by Tech Help Experts, there was 
>>> nothing they could do and that I should call Cox to try to retrieve 
>>> the emails from their archives.
>>> I immediately contacted Cox Communications and explained what had 
>>> happened.  They told me they had no record of any such security 
>>> issues, and that they had no record of being contacted by Tech Help 
>>> Experts.
>>> And unfortunately, they do not keep emails in an archive.
>>>  Furious, I called Tech Help Experts and demanded answers as well as 
>>> a refund. And after much debate, they agreed to a refund and I have 
>>> received it.  They were seemingly unconcerned and gave an insincere 
>>> apology. But more importantly, I am concerned about my missing 
>>> information.
>>>  This company, Tech Help Experts, represents Mozilla Thunderbird. 
>>> This is the most unprofessional and misleading company I have ever 
>>> dealt with.  And now, I have the added threat and fear of all of my 
>>> personal information being compromised because they now have my 
>>> passwords.  I have found out since, that any reputable company will 
>>> not ask you for this information.  But I believed I was working with 
>>> Mozilla, which seems to be reliable in the industry.
>>>  I am a business owner myself,. And I'm sure we would both agree 
>>> that we are only as good as the people we have working for us.  My 
>>> experience with Tech Help Experts warrants an investigation on your 
>>> end.  Especially because they asked us for our passwords.   I do not 
>>> expect things to be resolved on my email account, but I would like 
>>> to receive a response.  I would like to know that my letter was at 
>>> least read.
>>>   I just went online to get your email address to send this letter 
>>> to, and was shocked to find your Mozilla Support website has a 
>>> section asking for people to volunteer to be support techs!  Aren't 
>>> any of your employees vetted?!    This is unbelievable.
>>> Phyllis Holmes
>>> Ready4Rocks at cox.net
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