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R Kent James kent at caspia.com
Wed Jun 17 05:42:16 UTC 2015

My reading of this is that the company claims to support Mozilla 
Thunderbird, and probably overstated their position in a possibly 
confusing way, but I would need more evidence before I would be 
convinced that they misrepresented themselves as being Mozilla in an 
illegal way. The problem started when the customer tried to contact 
Mozilla, and was confused about how to do that.

To me this is just one more piece of evidence that people are desperate 
for competent, personal tech support, and the current pathways that we 
provide are not adequate for someone whose livelihood depends on 
properly functioning email. We could provide value to our users by 
developing partnerships with paid support companies that we could 
recommend. Yet that is not an easy path for us to manage.

Kent James

On 6/16/2015 9:28 PM, Roland MoCoGmail Tanglao wrote:
> yes please gregg, please forward to mozilla legal
> i have also added tb-planning where the thunderbird council hangs out!
> cheers!
> ...Roland
> On 2015-06-16 7:58 PM, Gregg Lind wrote:
>> I am actually a little tempted to forward this particular on onto 
>> Legal.  Thoughts?
>> GL
>> On 6/16/15 8:04 PM, Karen Esterly wrote:
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>>> From: *Wes Holmes* <ready4rocks at cox.net <mailto:ready4rocks at cox.net>>
>>> Date: Tuesday, June 16, 2015
>>> Subject: Recent Experience
>>> To: wpr at mozilla.com <mailto:wpr at mozilla.com>
>>> Dear Sirs,
>>>    I am writing to you regarding a recent experience I had with your 
>>> tech support.  On May 12, 2015,  I was having a problem with not 
>>> being able to send an email.  I have a Cox email address, but it is 
>>> setup thru Mozilla Thunderbird.  I first contacted Cox 
>>> Communications.  They checked out my account and found everything to 
>>> working properly and recommended I contact Mozilla, which I then did.
>>> After explaining the problems I was having, I was transferred to 
>>> your tech person, Menish  (  with Tech Help Experts ) he asked if he 
>>> could go into my computer remotely.  I agreed. Three hours later, 
>>> and no closer to a solution,  I was told they would have to continue 
>>> diagnostics the following day.  I called them when I got home from 
>>> work and once again, Menish worked remotely thru my computer for 
>>> another three hours.  He told me there was a serious security breach 
>>> in my email account.
>>> He said there was evidence of someone looking into my email over 
>>> 1500 times.  I said that was the number of emails I currently had on 
>>> the account.  He said every time I went into my email, I was in 
>>> danger of all of my personal information being open to theft.  But, 
>>> I was not to worry because he recommended I purchase their two year 
>>> software protection plan and one year of tech support in the amount 
>>> of $449.99.  So I did.
>>>  He continued to work on my system and called me later and asked for 
>>> me to try to send an email to see if the problem was resolved.  I 
>>> was able to send it and the problem seemed to be fixed.
>>>   Several days later,  I was having the very same problem, of not 
>>> being able to send an email.  I called Tech Help Experts again. They 
>>> once again, went into my computer remotely,  for another 2.5 hours.  
>>> During this session, I realized that all but 102 of emails were 
>>> missing.  I went from 1563 emails, to 102.  I called Tech Help 
>>> Experts again and spoke with Floor Supervisor Ankit.  He said they 
>>> did not delete any of  my emails and there are 102 emails on the 
>>> account.  I have had this email account for many years and 
>>> everything older than April 29th, 2015 was gone.  My address book 
>>> contacts as well as my emails were missing.  He asked to go into my 
>>> computer to investigate.  At 7pm that evening, Menish said he had 
>>> contacted Cox Communications, and that they were having a security 
>>> issue and to give them 24 hours to rectify the problem.  That was on 
>>> May 19th.
>>>  On May 20th,  the next day, I still did not have my emails and 
>>> contacts replaced, and I was told by Tech Help Experts, there was 
>>> nothing they could do and that I should call Cox to try to retrieve 
>>> the emails from their archives.
>>> I immediately contacted Cox Communications and explained what had 
>>> happened.  They told me they had no record of any such security 
>>> issues, and that they had no record of being contacted by Tech Help 
>>> Experts.
>>> And unfortunately, they do not keep emails in an archive.
>>>  Furious, I called Tech Help Experts and demanded answers as well as 
>>> a refund. And after much debate, they agreed to a refund and I have 
>>> received it.  They were seemingly unconcerned and gave an insincere 
>>> apology. But more importantly, I am concerned about my missing 
>>> information.
>>>  This company, Tech Help Experts, represents Mozilla Thunderbird. 
>>> This is the most unprofessional and misleading company I have ever 
>>> dealt with.  And now, I have the added threat and fear of all of my 
>>> personal information being compromised because they now have my 
>>> passwords.  I have found out since, that any reputable company will 
>>> not ask you for this information.  But I believed I was working with 
>>> Mozilla, which seems to be reliable in the industry.
>>>  I am a business owner myself,. And I'm sure we would both agree 
>>> that we are only as good as the people we have working for us.  My 
>>> experience with Tech Help Experts warrants an investigation on your 
>>> end.  Especially because they asked us for our passwords.   I do not 
>>> expect things to be resolved on my email account, but I would like 
>>> to receive a response.  I would like to know that my letter was at 
>>> least read.
>>>   I just went online to get your email address to send this letter 
>>> to, and was shocked to find your Mozilla Support website has a 
>>> section asking for people to volunteer to be support techs!  Aren't 
>>> any of your employees vetted?!    This is unbelievable.
>>> Phyllis Holmes
>>> Ready4Rocks at cox.net
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