Thunderbird 38.0 is out

Wayne Mery (Thunderbird QA) vseerror at
Fri Jun 12 19:09:37 UTC 2015


New version of Thunderbird is released as 38.0.1.
Automatic updates are NOT enabled at this time.

(Note - timing was such that 38.0 was never released, and 38.0.1 is 
numbered to align with what Firefox has last released.)

Please post _important_ support, addon, documentation and bug issues on as 
you encounter them. This is not to replace proper bug reports and the 
like, but rather using etherpad allows us to track and act in an 
organized way so we do not miss important items as they emerge during 
the rollout.

Regarding bugs, please do not post every common garden variety bug in 
etherpad. Be selective by thinking, "it is a very serious issue that 
impacts a high percentage of users, that we must fix in the next couple 
point releases".

Please also give extra attention to newly filed issues in BMO and  New hands are 
welcome even if you touch only a couple items, it helps!

Go Thunderbird 38!

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