Marketing Module

Kent James kent at
Thu Jan 8 16:06:31 UTC 2015

On 1/8/2015 1:36 AM, Axel Grude wrote:
>> Was speaking to rkent today and he thought a Marketing Module might be a
>> good idea and I agree this would be a good way to better organize
>> our marketing efforts and processes going forward.
> Benjamin, could you elaborate what you mean by "marketing module"? Is 
> this a technical term for something integrated within Tb or simply a 
> group of people working on marketing for Tb?
The issue came up specifically because Benjamin had access to certain 
credentials affecting Thunderbird marketing, and needed to know whether 
he had formal permission to share those credentials. Previously, all 
such issues went through Thunderbird staff (and most recently Mark 
Banner). In a volunteer-led world, who can say that it is OK to share 
such-and-such credentials with so-and-so?

The alternative to a formal module definition is to use what I used to 
call, in my former ISO9001-infused career in manufacturing, the system 
of "rumor and tradition". In this case, that would be that "everyone 
knows" that Wayne is an active trustworthy person, so that if he says do 
it, then you do it. All that a "Thunderbird Marketing Module" means is 
that there be a small list of people with authority over Thunderbird 
marketing, including one person who is the owner, announced on 
m.governance and listed formally in the Thunderbird module page at

Then future Benjamins that had access to something that Thunderbird 
Marketing needed (and perhaps with less knowledge than Benjamin has of 
the rumor and tradition currently driving Thunderbird leadership) would 
know who to contact to decide if it is indeed OK to do such-and-such for 


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