Thunderbird Discussions with Mozilla (was Marketing Module)

Kent James kent at
Thu Jan 8 05:36:40 UTC 2015

On 1/7/2015 7:39 PM, Benjamin Kerensa wrote:
> I do not think they are going to just relinquish ownership to 
> community I think when Mitchell announced the transition the idea was 
> for development and project governance but not ownership.
"Ownership" can mean many things. Legally the thing that Mozilla really 
owns is the Thunderbird trademark. Nobody is arguing that Mozilla should 
give that up to a third party. "Thunderbird Community" here simply means 
the team of active volunteers who are currently taking responsibility 
for Thunderbird under the Mozilla umbrella. Their role should be no more 
nor less than, say the "Firefox Desktop Team." Nobody feels threatened 
by the Firefox Desktop team taking "ownership" of Firefox, nor should 
their be any concern when the Thunderbird Community takes ownership of 

Yes there are practical issues of the role of volunteers within Mozilla, 
where there may not exist current administrative structures within 
Mozilla for Thunderbird volunteers to take charge of areas that were 
traditionally held by staff only. But these are practical issues, I 
don't think there is any fundamental disagreement on who should be doing 
what here.


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