Thunderbird Discussions with Mozilla (was Marketing Module)

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Wed Jan 7 22:18:17 UTC 2015

I've considered the issue of starting discussions with Mozilla 
management to be my responsibility, and I was waiting until January to 
do it (after management got past the Yahoo search issues and Mozlandia). 
But now is the time (if I can just quit working on maildir a little).

So the next step is to prepare a letter to key Mozilla managers saying 
what Thunderbird needs from Mozilla. I have not thought a great deal 
about it yet, but briefly issues that we have discussed include:

1) A financial home within Mozilla, from which we could collect and 
disburse funds (for example for the conference the bkerensa is suggesting).
2) Permission to use an in-product donation campaign, similar to what 
Firefox just did, to raise money specifically for the Thunderbird 
project. Ideally we could use the same staff who just did the Firefox 
3) Designated Mozilla staff person who would be available to disburse 
any needed permissions that the Thunderbird volunteers need to run the 
project. This would include the right to authorize expenditures from our 
account, access to Thunderbird usage data and metrics, and access to 
legal and business documentation associated with Thunderbird partner 
4) Some sort of official statement from Mozilla about Thunderbird's 
status within the organization. I'm not exactly sure what I am looking 
for here, but I have a sense that Mozilla staff don't really know how 
they should react to Thunderbird anymore. We are not looking for Mozilla 
to fund our activities, but we do need some recognition from Mozilla 
that Thunderbird is an ongoing, important project that needs occasional 
interaction with different parts of Mozilla.
5) Recognition that the formal leadership of Thunderbird now resides 
with the Thunderbird Council, and they can make most decisions 
concerning the project. Mozilla needs to specify the limits of that 



On 1/7/2015 1:10 PM, Benjamin Kerensa wrote:
> Hello All,
> Was speaking to rkent today and he thought a Marketing Module might be a
> good idea and I agree this would be a good way to better organize
> our marketing efforts and processes going forward.
> Do you all have thoughts on this? Also I am hoping TB Council is going
> to have some discussions with MoCo/MoFo before the summer about funding
> as I would like to have a TB booth at OSCON but this would require some
> money since MoCo/MoFo does not make TB booth cloths or swag anymore afaik.
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