Encouraging mention on the French community pages / French mozillaZine

Jörg Knobloch jorgk at jorgk.com
Mon Feb 23 19:45:18 UTC 2015

On 23/02/2015 17:46, R Kent James wrote:
> This ("about time to redefine the place of Thunderbird within 
> Mozilla") is going to be my major project for the next few weeks. I've 
> been focused more on code the last few months, but the time is now 
> ripe to start writing. We've landed a lot of stuff that is going to 
> hit Thunderbird 38, it's going to be an exciting release, and it is 
> time to make noise about it both within Mozilla as well as publicly.
> As I've thought about discussions with Mozilla, I think that right now 
> we need to focus narrowly on the issue of having a financial home 
> within Mozilla. That means a place where we can collect funds, spend 
> them, tax them, account for them, and access and negotiate business 
> arrangements. We may find ourself pushed toward IndieGoGo or using an 
> external open-source admin provider, but I don't think those are the 
> best answer. 

Very good! I fully agree.

I meant "funding and staffing" in the context of being able to raise 
funds independently. Various models have been discussed already, like a 
"Donate" button somewhere. Some bugs have comments where (desperate) 
users offer rewards for getting bugs fixed, but have no way to pay. This 
dilemma is also mentioned in a post at http://mesquilla.com - as you 
know, since you run that ;-)

I mentioned the possibility of crowd-funding in my post of Oct. 2014:
(sadly HTLM got stripped and is hard to read at
The Krita project (part of KDE's Calligra suite) raised a decent amount 
of money to employ people and get new things implemented.

In a Tuesday status meeting you said other people could write up 
something. However, I think you know the whole situation best, and 
anybody else would cause more damage than good.

Kind regards,

P.S.: Last weekend I've attended a meeting of the German Mozilla 
community organisers. I'm sure they would make some noise within the 
German community to draw attention to Thunderbird. I think everyone is 
using Thunderbird and is taking it as a given and for granted.

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