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R Kent James kent at caspia.com
Mon Feb 23 16:46:00 UTC 2015

This ("about time to redefine the place of Thunderbird within Mozilla") 
is going to be my major project for the next few weeks. I've been 
focused more on code the last few months, but the time is now ripe to 
start writing. We've landed a lot of stuff that is going to hit 
Thunderbird 38, it's going to be an exciting release, and it is time to 
make noise about it both within Mozilla as well as publicly.

As I've thought about discussions with Mozilla, I think that right now 
we need to focus narrowly on the issue of having a financial home within 
Mozilla. That means a place where we can collect funds, spend them, tax 
them, account for them, and access and negotiate business arrangements. 
We may find ourself pushed toward IndieGoGo or using an external 
open-source admin provider, but I don't think those are the best answer.

As for "with respect to funding and staffing," my experience in talking 
to middle management at Mozilla is that if you even hint at that issue, 
you immediately get a strong statement to the effect "there is no way 
that Mozilla is going to return to funding and fully supporting 
Thunderbird." I don't know where this comes from, I can only guess it is 
due to financial stress within their top-priority product lines, but it 
is real and surfaces repeatedly from a variety of sources.

So our future lies in gaining control of our own destiny, running a 
large, exciting open-source product under the Mozilla umbrella. We are 
not looking for additional funding or staffing from Mozilla, only 
additional freedom and access to privileges so that we can accomplish 
our mission.

R Kent James

On 2/23/2015 12:53 AM, Jörg Knobloch wrote:
> http://mozfr.org/
> http://mozillazine-fr.org/thunderbird-36-0-beta-est-disponible/
> Quote:
> Tranquillement, sans faire de bruit, Thunderbird continue d’évoluer 
> tout en offrant une grande stabilité pour ceux qui veulent un 
> véritable outil de gestion de leurs e-mails (pas une interface web, 
> aussi sexy soit-elle). Ainsi, le 16 février, une version 36 bêta est 
> sortie avec peu de modifications apparentes mais plus de 100 
> correctifs de bogues.
> In English:
> Quietly, without noise, Thunderbird continues to evolve while 
> providing stability for those who want a real tool for managing their 
> e-mails (not a web interface, as sexy as it is). Thus, on February 16, 
> a version 36 beta is out with few apparent changes, but over 100 bug 
> fixes.
> I think it is about time to redefine the place of Thunderbird within 
> Mozilla, especially with respect to funding and staffing.
> Jörg K.
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