TB38 A Watershed

Matt Harris unicorn.consulting at gmail.com
Sat Feb 21 04:18:18 UTC 2015

On 21/02/2015 1:44 PM, jsabash wrote:
> OMG bug 464973 checked in
> I regard this as a watershed change

Now that is out of the way,  lets have a sensible discussion on Bug 
634831 <https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=634831>.  Note the 
161,454 users per AMO

I filed this bug years ago prior to TB17, it is functionality that is 
close to my heart as I basically use the reading pane. I find email from 
this list in particular unreadable without it, (half a screen of message 
header).  There has been much discussion over the years about cleaning 
up the UI and making more room to mail,  but this honking great header 
has received minimal attention. For those using a tab to read mail it 
may well make sense, but in theabsence of a tab and in the presence of a 
tool bar customised for using the reading pane it is a waste of space 
and a duplication of functions.

I am further spurred here by the fact the add-on is no longer working 
with Daily, so work will be required to bring it up to date for the next 
release,  could we not just include the functionality in core.

> Let's never let an off-handed comment about an ugly UI
> by someone who is not deeply involved in TB
> Have such a deleterious affect as the removal of this feature has had
> This is proof that we are on the right track
> and the "My way or the Highway" principle of development is now dead
> And also an example of how 1 or 2 personal views
> can derail the project for the greater good
> Three cheers for the current Thunderbird Team
> And now on to a game changing TB 38 release
> JoeS1
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