TB 38 code freezes

Mihovil Stanic mihovil at miho.im
Wed Feb 18 19:20:41 UTC 2015

Thunderbird has low amount of new/changed strings in each new version, 
so I don't mind if you add few extra or change something along the way.
Should this go to dev-l10n also?


18.2.2015. u 18:36, R Kent James je napisao/la:
> comm-central moves to comm-aurora this weekend, and with it there is 
> an expectation of a string freeze so that translators can begin their 
> work. As I understand it we will be landing several important patches 
> in the next few days with strings, but in some cases these are 
> string-only patches to meet the deadline. Yes this is less than ideal.
> There is also an implicit freeze of interfaces. This primarily affects 
> binary addons, but also has an effect on regular addons in some cases. 
> (As far as I know I am the main person affected by the binary addon 
> issue. If there is anyone else who cares it would be good to make 
> yourself known).
> Because many of the bug fixes that we still hope to do to stabilize 
> Thunderbird 38 may involve interface changes, I would like to propose 
> that we explicitly relax the interface freeze, and set a new deadline 
> of Monday, March 16 as the interface freeze date. That will allow us 
> to concentrate in the next few days on string-related issues, and 
> still give us the freedom to land patches that we need to stabilize 
> features that might require interface changes. At the same time, we 
> should try not to land patches that would affect normal addons in this 
> time period.
> Comments?
> R Kent James
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