TB 38 code freezes

R Kent James kent at caspia.com
Wed Feb 18 17:36:11 UTC 2015

comm-central moves to comm-aurora this weekend, and with it there is an 
expectation of a string freeze so that translators can begin their work. 
As I understand it we will be landing several important patches in the 
next few days with strings, but in some cases these are string-only 
patches to meet the deadline. Yes this is less than ideal.

There is also an implicit freeze of interfaces. This primarily affects 
binary addons, but also has an effect on regular addons in some cases. 
(As far as I know I am the main person affected by the binary addon 
issue. If there is anyone else who cares it would be good to make 
yourself known).

Because many of the bug fixes that we still hope to do to stabilize 
Thunderbird 38 may involve interface changes, I would like to propose 
that we explicitly relax the interface freeze, and set a new deadline of 
Monday, March 16 as the interface freeze date. That will allow us to 
concentrate in the next few days on string-related issues, and still 
give us the freedom to land patches that we need to stabilize features 
that might require interface changes. At the same time, we should try 
not to land patches that would affect normal addons in this time period.


R Kent James

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