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Wed Feb 11 00:53:44 UTC 2015

On 11/02/2015 6:03 AM, Karen Spencer wrote:
> Hi guys,
> About a year ago, I contacted Josiah Bruner about my doubts on the 
> continuing viability of Thunderbird as my desktop email client after 
> reading an article that stated Mozilla was no longer committed to 
> developing and maintaining Thunderbird.  I was concerned since TB is 
> my primary email account and was wondering if I should switch to 
> Outlook.  I received back a reassuring message from Josiah stating 
> "although the Mozilla Corp no longer "develops" Thunderbird, the 
> product is still in great shape and the community continues to land 
> bug fixes and/or improvements daily."
> Evidently then, Josiah added me to the tb-planning mailing list --- 
> which I'm glad he did.  I actually read those emails (and actually 
> understand much of it!) which proved to me the great commitment of 
> time and passion the active volunteers have for delivering and 
> improving a great email system.
> Thank you so much - you guys rock!
> I do have an issue with this last update which really bugs me. :-) *No 
> longer can I paste in an URL in the "Link Location" box* when I'm 
> doing what I call a hyperlink (Text that contains the link).  I can 
> type in the link address and it works just fine - but, the box will no 
> longer accept the address pasted in.  HELP!
use Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut.
> Also, if you can send me any information on adjusting the Settings on 
> size of fonts, I would really appreciate it.  I was using an old 
> desktop (don't laugh) using Windows XP which recently crashed on me.  
> My son came to my aid and set me up a Mac Mini which he had on hand, 
> and partitioned it so I could use Windows and he installed Windows 7 
> Ultimate for me.
Use Theme Font & Size Changer 
if you do not know how to install this excellent article should help.
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