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Karen Spencer karen at
Tue Feb 10 19:33:02 UTC 2015

Hi guys,

About a year ago, I contacted Josiah Bruner about my doubts on the 
continuing viability of Thunderbird as my desktop email client after 
reading an article that stated Mozilla was no longer committed to 
developing and maintaining Thunderbird.  I was concerned since TB is my 
primary email account and was wondering if I should switch to Outlook. I 
received back a reassuring message from Josiah stating "although the 
Mozilla Corp no longer "develops" Thunderbird, the product is still in 
great shape and the community continues to land bug fixes and/or 
improvements daily."

Evidently then, Josiah added me to the tb-planning mailing list --- 
which I'm glad he did.  I actually read those emails (and actually 
understand much of it!) which proved to me the great commitment of time 
and passion the active volunteers have for delivering and improving a 
great email system.

Thank you so much - you guys rock!

I do have an issue with this last update which really bugs me. :-) *No 
longer can I paste in an URL in the "Link Location" box* when I'm doing 
what I call a hyperlink (Text that contains the link).  I can type in 
the link address and it works just fine - but, the box will no longer 
accept the address pasted in.  HELP!

Also, if you can send me any information on adjusting the Settings on 
size of fonts, I would really appreciate it.  I was using an old desktop 
(don't laugh) using Windows XP which recently crashed on me.  My son 
came to my aid and set me up a Mac Mini which he had on hand, and 
partitioned it so I could use Windows and he installed Windows 7 
Ultimate for me.

Everything restored fine, except the size of the fonts on TB are very 
different now.  I tried different adjustments in the /Settings/, but 
when I type a font in /Write /that is comfortable for me to see (my 
eyesight is not the best), when the message is received, the font can be 
mixed size, part of it huge.

Also, now the/Inbox/ message font is so small, I strain to see it.  Is 
there any way to enlarge that?  In my old system, the font was much 
larger and I had no problem.

Thanks for your time,

Karen Spencer

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